from Authentic by Nick Tann Trio



Dont, take me for another fool
Don't, you’ve gone and broken every rule
Don't, you walk away and think it’s cool
Don't, you didn’t have to be that cruel,

And I, strong as I am
the fear of falling
you just couldn’t understand

Don't, your never just another bird
Don't, you and me it’s just absurd
Don't, you get no points for coming third
Don't, Don't you say another word

Instrumental chorus

Don't, say you want me as I am,
Don't, I try to do the best I can
Don't, let you see that I’m the man
Don't, that wasn’t ever in the plan


Don't , dream for things they might come true
Don't, tell me that you want me too
Don't, not 'til you and him are through
Don't, cos i could really fall for you

Double chorus


from Authentic, released June 6, 2017




Nick Tann Southampton

As a singer songwriter, I strive to create songs with emotion and honesty. My songs tell stories with a raw and soulful edge, meandering from the fragile to the ballsy and everything in-between.

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