One Night Stand (Glad You Came)

from by Nick Tann



It wasn't cocaine, but cocaine rhymes!


One Night Stand (Glad You Came)

Hey girl isn’t it a shame,
you left in early morning
and you didn’t even leave your name,
plane Jane, too much cocaine,
your name is in the frame
and I’m realy glad you came.

One night stand looking for a man,
I didn’t understand ‘till you took me by the hand
You said “if you dont gamble then you just won’t win,
it aint a sin it gets you out of the mess your in

When we first met I gave you all I got,
you looked so hot
and baby you hit the spot,
all night long we’re fire and thunder
you left before I could take your number and your number

So when the lights go out and you don’t know what to do and you’ve been lying awake watching the moon walkin through your window, well nowdon’t hesitate
just make sure you catch her name before the doors shut on her train


from Don't Make Me Wait, released March 1, 2010




Nick Tann Southampton

As a singer songwriter, I strive to create songs with emotion and honesty. My songs tell stories with a raw and soulful edge, meandering from the fragile to the ballsy and everything in-between.


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