Sadder Than Sad

from 3 AM by Nick Tann




I'm sadder than sad
I've lost the best baby that I never had
And here's how it started
She walked into the room and I smelled her perfume
And she's badder than bad
And I'm sadder than sad

I know what I'd do
I'd make those mistakes that I always do
I'd start off with flowers
Then I'd go over the top and not know when to stop
And it won't turn out well
I'm going through hell

It's almost a curse and to make matters worse she's an angel
And she's looking at me and the whole room can see
That she's flicking her hair like she don't have a care
And she's meeting my stare
And I'm totally gone

It's quarter past two
She's brushing my cheek; I don't know what to do.
I'm too weak to fight it
She says nothing at all, simply hangs off the wall
Looks me straight in the eye
Says I'm one hell of a guy.

I'm going out of my head
She gave me that look that says take me to bed
If I'm not mistaken
She just did it again and again and again
And though I've been there before
We just walked out the door


And it’s madder than mad
It’s badder than bad
It’s sadder than sad


from 3 AM, released April 28, 2014
All instruments and vocals Nick Tann
Trumpet Toby Vane




Nick Tann Southampton

As a singer songwriter, I strive to create songs with emotion and honesty. My songs tell stories with a raw and soulful edge, meandering from the fragile to the ballsy and everything in-between.

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