The Day After The Night Before

from by Nick Tann



Yes, Elvis Costello, I worship him.


The Day After The night Before

The day after the night before,
I hear your footsteps walking past my door,
Don’t know if you’ll hang around no more,
I can’t be sure.

It’s the day after the night before
I don’t care if your boyfriend is a bore,
And you life with him is nothing short of war
No more no more.

The day after the night before
I know he’ll ask you where the hell you’ve been
And while your
fucking me it’s killin him
It’s not my sin

3 days after the night before,
Your tattered dress and bloodstains on the floor,
The letters and the photographs I saw,
All gone no more.

copyright Nick Tann


from Don't Make Me Wait, released March 1, 2010




Nick Tann Southampton

As a singer songwriter, I strive to create songs with emotion and honesty. My songs tell stories with a raw and soulful edge, meandering from the fragile to the ballsy and everything in-between.


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